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Welcome to the Thousand Oaks Elementary School Library: Welcome

This guide provides information about the Thousand Oaks Elementary School Library.

Library Happenings


April is National Poetry Month 

Thousand Oaks ES Library is offering opportunities for students to celebrate poetry by listening to,reading, writing and performing poems.

Poetry centers are set up in the for all classes to use. Students are being encouraged to "Take a Poetry Break" and read some poems at the reading centers. Poem starters are available at the writing center. The open mic center is a rotation for students to share poems by reading them aloud to a small audience using a microphone.  

Kindergartners and 1st graders have created poems in group lessons and have been encouraged to make up their own poem using the models presented.

The spring Scholastic Book Fair Fiesta will be held the week of April 22-25!

Check for dates, times, online shopping and the new Scholastic eWallet payment method at:

March 2019

Thousand Oaks Elementary's fourth grade  Battle of the Books was held in the library on March 8th, 2019! Each classroom team, wearing  their Battle t-shirts, was competitive and the battle was exciting to watch. The library audience was composed of fourth grade students and their parents. Third grade grade classes watched the battle remotely in their classrooms. The fourth grade teachers facilitated the battle.

Mr. Gorhum's team won! The members of the 2019 Campus Championship Team are: Aniyah Nichols (Captain), Joseph Sandoval, Aria Cage and Kaila Lacey (alternate). Each member of this team received a medal and the 2019 BoB Championship trophy was presented to Mr. Gorhum.

Thank you to all participants and supporters of this reading challenge.

Mrs. Casseb


February is Book Lover's Month!

The Library is partnering with the Counseling Department to offer Thousand Oaks' book loving students the opportunity to share their thoughts about books in a short poem.

All poems can be turned into the library during February for students  to be entered into a drawing.

The prizes will be 60 book picks from the library book basket (Scholastic Book Fair) and two e-reader tablets donated to the Counseling Department by a Thousand Oaks parent!.


Ask me why.

Because __________________________


Because __________________________


Because __________________________


That’s why!

I love books.

Student name: _____________________

Return your poem to the Library for the February drawing for 60 book picks and two e-reader tablets!I LOVE BOOKS!

Ask me why.




December in the Library: Hour of Code Week was celebrated iin the library December 3rd -7th by students in kindergarten, first  and second grades. The students in kindergarten and first grade retold the story Quackers by Liz Wong using the coding app Scratch Jr. Second graders collaborated in small groups to use Blockly to create code for both Sphero and Spark+. Bolckly was also the code used by second graders to learn how to create programs for the Dash robots. Another coding app that students learned and used was for an Osmo game.


November in the Library:

K-2 Students are making puppets in the library, inspired by Matt Sandbanks' puppet performance.  The students will be using their puppets to ad lib,  collaborate and perform using  the puppet stage located in the library. Writing about their puppets and creating scripts with dialog and sound effects will be encouraged.

On November 27, the popular children's author Nathan Hale will visit Thousand Oaks to share his unique writing technique with 3rd - 5th graders. Nathan writes about historical events including The Battle of the Alamo and famous people in American history such as Harriet Tubman using a graphic novel format. (comic book style format.)


October in the Library:

October 1st -7th was Power Up at Your Library Week sponsored by the Texas Library Association.

All Thousand Oaks students had an opportunity to power up by exploring, creating and collaborating with a partner at STEAM centers located in the library. Thank you to the many parent volunteers who facilitated!

The Enchanted Forest Scholastic Book Fair will be welcoming all fairies, elves and their families to the library during the week of October 15th -19th. Plan to attend and experience  the magic of reading!



2018 -2019 Student Library Goal:

Be a Reader!

All Thousand Oaks Elementary students have been encouraged to pick a self selected reading goal for the 2018 - 2019 school year.

Goals that students have suggested are:

Being an Active Reader -  Checking out many books and reading daily

Or an Adventurous Reader-  Trying new authors, genre or nonfiction

Other choices are: Avid, Average, Above Average, A++, Accomplished, Amazing and Astounding


The Library is promoting reading this year with the Be A Reader! Reading Club. All Thousand Oaks students are members and the library will offer club activities through out the year.

The club activity for September is for students to write a few sentences about a book they read this summer and submit their recommendation to the librarian. 

These book brags should include: the title and an example of what they found appealing about the book.

Students' reviews and names will be posted on the "What Did You Read This Summer?" bulletin board located at the entrance of the library.

Welcome back!



Library Resources

Click on the Library Resources tree icon or the Launchpad icon to access a variety of digital resources for research and reading

Library Resources Launchpad

Click to search for library books & materials

NEISD Library Catalog

Library Services Resource Spotlight

The reading lists featured in this guide were compiled by NEISD librarians and are intended to give students literature suggestions to read for enjoyment over the summer. These lists represent a wide variety of reading levels, genres, points of view, and ideas. While not every book will appeal to every reader, we are hopeful that every reader will be able to find at least one book to enjoy.

Summer Reading Guide Graphic

Click on image to access resources

Library Information

 Library Hours

Monday - Friday

8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

OverDrive : eBooks and audiobooks

NEISD students, teachers and parents are invited to check out eBooks and audiobooks from the NEISD Overdrive digital library.

All students and teachers need is their NEISD ID  Number  to access this library and to check out electronic and audio books on most digital devices (including cell phones)!

Select Overdrive Read as your format if you want to read eBooks in your browser and rather than downloading them in a specific format.

Parent passwords expire annually in August. Thousand Oaks Parents will need to contact Mrs. Casseb in the library to have a new password created.

P.S. the San Antonio Public Library also has an OverDrive digital library. You just need a library card. Happy Reading!

Library Staff

Diana Casseb - Librarian




Rebecca Sibille Library Assistant




Phone- 210-407-8004

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